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Billings Association of Realtors Statistics


                                             May                May                 June                 June

Single Family                  2017            2018            2017             2018


Average Sales Price:       $252,436        $255,686         $258,853         $258,634

Median Sales Price:                    

Average Days on Market:              



Multi-Family Listin             2017              2018                2017               2018 


Average Sales Price:       $246,983     $305,916       $500,000     $238,843  

Median Sales Price:                 

Average Days on Market:              



Lots                                  2017             2018             2017                2018 


Average Sales Price           $76,057      $67,373    $142,848       $143,526  

Median Sales Price:                      

Average Days on Market:

# of Months Supply of Homes on market: 5.88 



 New Construction                                       2017 YTD             2018 YTD     

 Commercial YTD                                             14                           6 

Single Family Dwelling: Feb                       31                          26 

Calendar YTD Single Family                            160                       140 


Billings News:


WastewaterReclamation Facility Upgrade-Completion date estimated for Fall 2019


Northwest BY-Pass:  Phase 1 work on 5 mile Road to begin 2019 (Revised). Extension and improvement of Five Mile Road.  Right away being secured.  Upgrade necessary to handle increased traffic when diverted from other routes.  Mary Street will be re-classified as a local road.  Construction of Yellowstone Bridge will start in 2020 and extend into 2021. Mian Street interchange scheduled for 2023 and Johnson Lane Interchange construction for 2024-2025.  Source:YCN 03/16/2018   


Highway 3 Roundabout and widening of Zimmerman Trail to be done concurrently beginning 2018.  Closure notices will be posted well in advance.  Work has started and Zimmerman will be closed to November,2018.


Billings Heights continues to expand.  Big impacts coming to Heights with Billings Bypass and the Inner Belt Loop.  Opportunity for new business development.....Billings Gazette 02/18/2018


New Pizza Ranch coming to Heights next to Dollar Store soon.


Pro Build in Heights changes ownership and name to Builders Choice.




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